Bladeless fan 無葉風扇
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Bladeless fan 無葉風扇

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Cool 無葉風扇簡介

Bladeless fan 無葉環保風扇Cool 無葉風扇簡介 Cool Bladeless Fan Cool Hidden Blade Fan
no Bladeless fan 無葉風扇

這台電風扇, 外型像一隻巨大的指環。它能產生強力流動空氣,而且 安靜無聲,也遠比傳統電風扇安全。 無葉風扇的運作原理,是電風扇從底層吸入空氣,進入 環形擴大器中,然後通過1.3毫米闊的小裂縫射出,由於 旁邊的空氣會捲入氣流當中,因此風扇可以輕易每秒吹 出405公升空氣,是吸入空氣的15倍。戴森稱,新風扇吹 出來的風令人「更舒服」。 「傳統的風扇用扇葉捲入空氣,就像將空氣斬開一截截 般,令你坐在風扇前非常不舒服,就像被一拳拳打來。 這個則柔和得多了。」

No blades. No buffeting.
Cool fans are safe, with no fast-spinning blades chopping the air. Airflow is precisely adjustable, and touch-tilt and oscillation direct it where you want.

There are no fast-spinning blades on a Cool fan. It’s safe to use, and doesn’t need a safety grill for protection.

Easy to clean
Ordinary fans have safety grills to guard their fast-spinning blades. They collect dust and are fiddly to take apart and reassemble when you want to clean them. Cool fans don’t have blades or grills. Simply wipe clean with a cloth.

Easy height adjust
The stand uses a constant force spring to resist the force of gravity. It allows you to quickly adjust the fan to the height you want.

Easy to tilt
Tilt the loop amplifier to the angle you want to set the direction of airflow. The fan stays put without clamping.

Dimmer-switch control
Conventional fans have limited power settings – usually just three or four, one of which is off. A Cool bladeless fan allows you to precisely adjust airflow to suit your personal comfort.


Cool 無葉風扇價錢


Upright Hidden Blade Fan + mist

Model : CM308

Size : 12 inch

Voltage : 220V~

Rated frequency : 50-60Hz

Fan Rated power : 55W

Cool mist/Humidifying : 35W

Turning angle : 90

Pitching angle : 360

Cool mist capacity : 390 ML/Hours

Using area : 30 ~ 50M



HKD 3280 / each

USD 420 / each

CM308 pedestal fan with mist generates a constant flow of smooth air to cool larger spaces.  There are no fast-spinning blades, so CM308 is safe and easy to clean. Delivers the highest airflow and velocity of all bladeless fans. Remote power control, touch tilt, easy height adjustment and 90 degree oscillation. There’s also a remote control.

no Blade fan 無葉風扇
Bladeless fan 無葉風扇 台式無葉風扇 無葉風扇

Desktop Bladeless Fan

Model : CM318

Color: Body-white/Head-Blue




Power:32W Operating

Type: Front Switch

Level: Front Dial Switch

Rotation: Front Switch(90 )

Angle:Available(360 )

Wall-hanging: Available

Timer:60mins,120mins (by remote controller)

HKD 980 / each , USD 125 /each


無葉風扇相片 Bladeless Fan Photo

dyson safe Bladeless fan 無葉風扇

無葉風扇功能 Bladeless Fan
FunctionBladeless fan 無葉風扇

無葉風扇的空氣流比普通風扇產生的風更平穩,傳統的風扇所產生的氣流在 空氣中受到切割,所產生的是並不舒服的抖動的風。而無葉風扇因為沒有風 扇葉片來“切割”空氣,無疑放大了周圍的空氣,給人一種流暢的空氣氣流, 所以人體感覺更加柔和、涼爽。 Bladeless fan 無葉風扇

除此之外,無葉風扇還具有安全、易於清洗、無極調速、觸摸式傾斜等幾大 特點。沒有快速旋轉的葉片,因而十分安全;沒有笨重的鐵罩與葉片,清洗 起來非常方便;採用無級調速,風速超快;支點在其自身的重力中心,可用 手壓的方式來改變風扇的角度,設計非常人性化。 hk Bladeless fan 無葉風扇

無葉風扇無疑是未來風扇發展的風向標,它不僅顛覆了傳統風扇千遍一律的 設計和操作使用模式,而且外型時尚又安全,即便是有小寶寶的家庭也絕對 放心使用。所以即使夏日已過,無葉風扇依舊熱銷也就不足為奇了。


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Bladeless fan 無葉風扇


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